2024 Vlasic Classic Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament

February 4, 2024 - Eagles Lodge - Missoula, MT

Instructions for Playing a Game

  1. Rock/paper/scissors for team selection
  2. Winner chooses two teams
  3. Loser chooses his team
  4. Select teams in Preseason mode
  5. In pool play: rock/paper/scissors, winner chooses Player 1 or Player 2

    In tournament play: higher seed chooses Player 1 or Player 2

  6. Each player has up to two minutes to customize playbook
  7. Begin game
  8. After game, report outcome (players, teams used, and score) to the official scorer.

Past Champions

VC I (2021)

  1. 4th: Norm Garrett
  2. 3rd: Sam Kuehn
  3. 2nd: Shane Wilson
  4. Champion: Tyler Gilman

VC II (2023)

  1. 4th: Sam Kuehn
  2. 3rd: Shane Wilson
  3. 2nd: Tyler Gilman
  4. Champion: McCoy Connor

VC III (2024)

  1. 4th: Mike Johnson
  2. 3rd: McCoy Connor
  3. 2nd: Tyler Gilman
  4. Champion: Shane Wilson

Study Guide

  • Playbook customization: This guide will help take your game planning to the next level and avoid the plays that don't stand a chance: Playbook Help
  • Team selection: Don't get burned by picking a mismatch. This guide to the seven tiers of Tecmo team quality can help you avoid a match-up disaster: