Missoula Vlasic Classic Tecmo Tournament Charter


We the founders of the Vlasic Classic Tecmo Tournament do hereby establish this Charter and its binding rules for tournament play. The Vlasic Classic is founded first and foremost with the purpose of bringing dudes together for fun and fellowship through friendly competition in its purest form: Tecmo Super Bowl. It is our hope and expectation that these rules will be interpreted and applied in the spirit in which the Vlasic Classic is founded.


A. Executive Committee: The Vlasic Classic is stewarded by an Executive Committee. Such members shall serve in perpetuity or until such time as a member voluntarily resigns his seat. Upon such resignation, the remaining members of the Executive Committee may appoint a new member to serve under the same terms.

B. Enforcement: The Executive Committee is responsible for enforcing the rules of this Charter. Any ambiguities in the application of these rules, whether arising during tournament play or otherwise, shall be resolved by a vote of the Executive Committee. During tournament play, if a member of the Executive Committee is involved as a player in a dispute over the application of these rules, that member shall abstain from the vote to resolve the matter.

C. Schedule: The Vlasic Classic tournament is intended to be held at a minimum frequency of once per year, at a gathering site deemed suitable by the Executive Committee.

D. Fee: The Executive Committee may impose a registration fee for participation in the Vlasic Classic. Such fees shall be put toward event costs such as equipment acquisition, venue rental, catering, and prizes.

E. Participants: The Executive Committee has the sole discretion to fix the number of participants for each event and to limit registration accordingly. The Executive Committee may deny registration to any person based on a prior violation of the rules set forth herein.


A. Competition Format: The Vlasic Classic tournament shall consist of pool play followed by a seeded tournament. Tournament participants will be seeded based on the following criteria, in order of application:

  1. Record in pool play
  2. Point differential in pool play
  3. Fewest points allowed in pool play
  4. Coin flip

The tournament may take a double- or single-elimination format, as determined by the Executive Committee. The tournament champion should be presented with a memento commemorating his victory.

B. Equipment: All games shall be contested using a vintage Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) front-load or top-load console, vintage standard NES controllers, and a vintage Tecmo Super Bowl cartridge. No modified equipment or after-market equipment is permitted.

C. Game Mode: All games in tournament play shall be played in preseason mode using the “Man vs. Man” option. Prior to game play the contestants shall verify that the season mode is re-set on the cartridge to eliminate the risk of player injuries and ensure that all players begin the game in average condition.

D. Team Selection: Team selection will begin with a coin flip. The winner will choose two teams. The other player then will get his choice of the two teams for game play.

E. Controller Selection: After team selection during pool play, a second coin flip will determine controller selection. The winner of the second coin flip may choose to compete as Player 1 or Player 2. During tournament play, the higher-seeded player may choose to complete as Player 1 or Player 2.

F. Playbook: After controller selection each player will have no more than two minutes to customize his playbook if he so chooses.

G. Open Rules: There are no prohibitions limiting the use of tactics, lineups, plays, or players

H. Equipment Failure: If, through no fault of either player, an equipment failure prevents a game from being played to completion, the game will be replayed from the beginning unless the point differential at the time of the failure is at least 21 points for a failure that occurred in the third quarter, or at least 14 points for a failure that occurred in the fourth quarter. In such circumstances, the player in the lead at the time of the failure shall be declared the winner, and the final score shall be the score at the time of the failure.

I. Tie Game: If a game ends in a tie after the overtime period during pool play, the game will be recorded as a tie on each player’s record. If a game ends in a tie after the overtime period during tournament play, the players will immediately begin a new game using the same teams, same controller selection, and without re-setting the cartridge. The first player to score in the new game will be declared the winner. The final score will be the combined score of the two games.


A. Respect: To emphasize the spirit of friendly competition on which the Vlasic Classic is founded, it shall be customary for players to fist bump before and after each game.

B. Decorum: Contestants are to behave in a civilized and sportsmanlike manner. Angry outbursts or tantrums are prohibited. Abusive language toward an opponent is prohibited. Mistreatment of equipment, including but not limited to throwing, kicking, slamming, or striking console, controller, or screen, is prohibited. Be cool. Violation of this section may result in the offending contestant’s disqualification from the event.

C. Pace of Play: Each game is expected to last roughly 20 minutes. Players are expected to make play selections and substitutions in with all deliberate speed. Excessive delay in play selection or substitution will result in a warning. If the behavior continues, the offending player may be required to forfeit the game and/or be disqualified from the event.